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We recycle all sorts of plastic into high quality regranulate or regrinds. We offer quick services, and can fully adapt our plastic to your needs. That is why we serve manufacturers of a broad range of plastic products. Additionally, we constantly look to improve our recycling techniques.
By carefully selecting and buying plastic waste, efficient use of our state-of-the- art machine inventory, and our extensive test- and research phase, we can fully adapt and improve both regranulate and granulate to your specific needs.
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Quick and orderly

Rodepa loves short lines. Both with you and our suppliers. It allows us to quickly and narrowly adjust the purity, density, colour, melting properties, and consistency to your specific needs. The Rodepa Logistics Department takes care of neat, orderly, and timely deliveries, allowing you to start producing as soon as possible.\

Using the latest techniques

Rodepa is always at the forefront of new developments. We regularly invest in the newest inventory, so we know the latest techniques. It makes us work cleaner, quicker, and more efficient. With our new cleansing line, for example, we can wash plastics ourselves, which helps us contain these costs, and be quicker and more flexible. The heat of our machines is redirected into our washing line, to maintain a steady temperature. This cost efficiency is reflected in the prices we offer you.

Quality in every pellet

Rodepa is constantly evolving. Our close-knit, motivated team is constantly looking for new quality improving methods, and measures this meticulously, guaranteeing you the best quality in every pellet.

Only the best counts

In the purchase phase, we select the best materials, which we run through our fully-equipped laboratory. At your request, we may add compound elements to adjust and improve it to your standards.

We keep testing until we find your desired density, purity, flexibility, robustness, or colour. We don’t settle for less. We can adjust any compound you need. During production, we probe whether the reglanulate meets your demands, to filter out any last flaws. You can expect the most homogenous quality from us.

Please call us or send us an email if you want to know more.

We turn plastic waste into high quality materials.

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